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1:1 BodyWork

What It Looks Like

Fully-clothed, myofascial (muscle+connective tissue) release


You lay on yoga mats and pillows on the floor, at mi casa or su casa.

Looks like deep tissue massage, Thai massage, acupressure, Reiki, dynamic assisted stretching

My Philosophy

Connection is the cure. We all want to be met. Seen, held, and understood. 

As a deeply present, trauma-informed yoga teacher, I respect your body's wisdom, and work with your exhales to free your breath and integrate stuck energy.

Who Is Bodywork For?

  • Movement practitioners (yogis, athletes, weekend warriors, etc.)

  • Sufferers from old injuries, chronic pain,  tension

  • The broken-hearted (the loss can be fresh or ancient)

  • Desk Jockeys

  • Professionals who speak and/or travel for work

Session Framework

Quick chat to get clear on your physical and energetic/emotional goals


I start hands-on at your feet or head and neck, to settle your nervous system + establish energetic trust


I release tension from "problem" areas, by applying pressure + working your joint through its range of motion

Why Body Work?

Improve the balance and flow of energy throughout your body.

Feel safe and met in your body. Release old hurt, and the protections around it

Relieve chronic pain, tension, and emotional/mental/physical stress.

Long-lasting results

Let's Do This

Book your Discovery Call today!

I look forward to connecting to discern if my work is a good fit for you.

On the fence?

Take a peek inside a session



You'll be hearing from me.

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