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Intrinsic Core Reset

Your diaphragm muscle is inexhaustible. It loves to breathe for you. But sometimes corners of it get stuck and lazy. This is caused by illness, injury, heavy emotions, office-work, and/or getting-into-and-out-of-your-car-the-same-way-everyday.


These imbalances manifest as shallow breathing, physical pain, limited range of motion, and/or stuck emotions. Solution: Lizzy helps you Free and RETRAIN YOUR DIAPHRAGM with hands-on-body muscle and connective-tissue release work, and gentle, targeted muscle activation.


You'll breathe more easily, have more energy, and relieve stress from your body and nervous system.


Looks Like:

Similar to but different from

Body work. In Intrinsic Core Reset, I coach you (with some hands on) to optimize your intrinsic core, thereby your exhale. This method integrates compensation patterns.

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