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Lizzy House

Yoga, Barre, Mindfulness Teacher, and 

Let Go Consultant 

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About Me:

I live to help you breathe easier.

Raised just outside Boston, MA by an engineer father and a hospice nurse mother, I carry my parents’ compassion, creativity, and desire to learn into my work as a yoga teacher, body worker, FP&A consultant, and transformational life coach. Encouraging, enthusiastic, fierce, playful, and always smiling, I me
rge light-heartedness with mindful, internal focus to help my students retrain their deep breathing and mindset. And I will sneak core work into every class (sometimes in the form of belly laughs).

I moved to AZ in 2009 for the breathtaking skies. Cheryl Oliver’s Authentic Yoga Teacher Training opened many internal and worldly doors for me. I graduated in 2016 with deep respect for the Yoga Sutras and the power of mindful movement practice. Since the
n, I've been honored to bring yoga to sober retreats, corporate retreats, corporate wellness programs, at-risk youth, adults with developmental disabilities, local non-profits and yoga studios.✨

Inspired and transformed by Ana Forrest’s book, Fierce Medicine, in 2018 I studied 200 hours of Forrest Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. Following my studies of Forrest’s exhilarating, grounding, expansive, and meditative methods, I devour continuing education, mainly in trauma-sensitivity, creativity therapy, and anatomy.

I am happiest singing, sailing, teaching, drawing, meditating, One Wheeling, backpacking, dreaming, collaborating, rock climbing, writing, dancing, officiating weddings, geeking out on human anatomy, and playing the guitar. And the piano. And trying new things.

Emphasizing embodiment through experience, my
 inclusive, intention-centered classes, coaching, and bodywork are powerful and empowering for all bodies.

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